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Monday, January 09, 2012

Serbian 101 - Winter Special

In January and February I'll be adding "Winter Special Edition" of easy Serbian lessons to all of my online courses of Serbian, starting from Serbian101, Serbian 102, Serbian 103 and Serbian 201. Some of these, I'll be posting to this blog, so you can follow them and have an idea what they are about. Through these "horoscope lessons of Serbian" I'll be trying to help you learn how to speak as a man/woman through different  tenses.

Accompanying Presentation with the explanations in English will be posted on each course. It looks like this:

1 comment:

jozef said...

Ја ne slazem se...mislim da jarci su tvrdoglav! Moj znak, ribe, je umetnicki i sanjalacki....da li se slazes?

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