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Thursday, October 26, 2017

Serbian Language Course - Family

I hope you enjoyed following my free Serbian language course at the elementary level, dedicated to Greetings! This month I have been working on a new one where you can learn:

  • How to introduce your family members to someone
  • Hear clearly and learn to pronounce family members
  • Verbs to have + family members (in the appropriate case)
  • Short texts about this topic
All the video lessons and exercises are both in the Cyrillic and Latin script so you can learn Cyrillic in no time :) 

Today I wanted to share one of the video exercises from the course. 

More videos with conjugations are on this playlist.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Stranac u Srbiji: Dr Erhard Busek

Monday, October 31, 2016

Serbian Language with Recipes - Exotic Chicken

In today's "Radni ručak" we can enjoy watching "Piletina lampia" with the chef Samir and  beautiful Milena.

Listen to the video and try to answer the following questions:

1. Jedan sastojak je viška. Koji?

  • piletina
  • crvena paprika
  • tikvica
  • crni luk
  • so
  • pirinač
  • med
  • ananas
  • banana
  • šampinjoni
  • šargarepa
  • pavlaka
  • biber
  • sirće
2. Od čega se sastoji sledeće jelo - koji oblik nije gramatički tačan?
  • od piletine
  • od crvene paprike
  • od tikvice
  • od crnog luka
  • od solija
  • od pirinča
  • od meda
  • od ananasa
  • od banane
  • od šampinjona
  • od šargarepe
  • od pavlake
  • od bibera
  • od sirćeta
3. Koje imenice nedostaju iza glagola koje sam navela?
  • iseći 
  • seći ... na kockice
  • dodati ...
  • staviti ... da se peče
  • iseći ... na krupno
  • iseći ... na pola, pa još na pola
  • iseći ... na sitne kockice
  • dodati ... i papriku na kraju
  • sipati polako ...
  • koristimo neutralnu ... ili ... za kuvanje
  • dodati malo ...
  • kao podlogu ćemo staviti ...
  • dodaćemo još malo ... i to bi bilo to
Answer key:

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Fraze na srpskom - speaking practice

Watch this video and practise asking basic questions and giving answers. The next step is to ask the same questions with "Vi". You can watch one of the previous video lessons with  Serbian phrases covering the topic " Vi" vs. "Ti" in Serbian.

Serbian Phrases free e-book

Monday, July 30, 2012

Past Tense in Serbian - Common Mistakes

If you watched our previous podcast, you'll be aware of the fact that Jeremija keeps making mistakes, and I do my best to help him understand which correct forms to use. This time the topic was "bio" or "bila":

Are there any other mistakes which I didn't correct ?

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