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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Serbian for Kids - Bedtime Stories

A must bedtime story for all the children out there who are learning Serbian is surely "Medvedova ženidba", written by the famous Serbian poet Desanka Maksimović.


I wasn't able to find if there's an audio book online.  I've found only two crackling Youtube clips, but the story is really easy and fun to learn. I remember running back from kindergarten in order to listen to the record for the umpteenth time (Serbian expression is: "šurnaesti put" )

I tried to clear the crackling from the MP3 version of the video above, and posted it  on this link. However, maybe it's much better to listen to it once to hear how the story should be told, and then to read and sing it to your kids. I'm sure you'll impress them :) I surely did mine !

For more bedtime stories, you can visit :

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