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Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Tic Tac Toe Serbian A1 - Dobar vs. Dobro

 Zdravo! Kako si? Ja sam dobro :)

Do you know when to use DOBAR and when DOBRO? 

If you are not so sure, let's practice with the new TIC TAC TOE video about it. If you want to practice with me, make sure you click on this link: DOBAR - DOBRO set of games

Tic Tac Toe Serbian A1 - Dobar vs. Dobro Video

Tic Tac Toe Serbian A1 - Dobar vs. Dobro Exercises

To download PDF sheets, check out the attachment on my Patreon page

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Verb HTETI - to want

What do they want?
Hajde da slušamo ovu zabavnu pesmu i da odlučimo ko šta želi da jede? = Let's listen to this fun song and decide who wants to eat what? 


  • Tulumbe =  Tulumba or Bamiyeh is a deep-fried dessert  
  • kolač = a cake
  • čokolada = chocolate
  • šlag = whipped cream
  • jagode = strawberries
  • kolač sa čokoladom = a chocolate cake
  • kolač sa šlagom i jagodama = a cake with whipped cream and strawberries
  • hteti = to want to 
  • Hoću - hoćeš - hoće ---- hoćemo - hoćete - hoće
  • Hoću da uzmem = I want to have 


  • Maksim hoće da uzme ...
  • Mama hoće da uzme...
  • Tata hoće da uzme ...



  • Poslastičarnica "Tumbe-tulumbe" = A sweetshop "Tumbe-tulumbe"
  • Dobar dan x 10 = Good afternoon
  • Izvolite, šta želite? = Can I help you, what do you want = would you like?
  • Mi bismo baš voleli da probamo vaše kolače. = We would really like to try your cakes.
  • Evo neka Maksim prvi izabere. = Here, let Maxim be the first to choose.
  • Mama, tata, ja ću ovaj kolačić sa čokoladom. = Mom, dad, I'll take this cake with chocolate.
  • Odličan izbor, Maksime, izvoli! = Excellent choice, Maxim, here you are!
  • Hvala. = Thanks.
  • A meni ćete dati ovu sa šlagom i jagodama. = And to me you will give this one with whipped cream and strawberries.
  • Svakako gospođo. Izvolite. = Sure, madam. Here you are.
  • Jao hvala Vam, baš ste ljubazni! Oh, thank You, you are so kind!
  • A ti tata, koji kolač ćeš ti da uzmeš? = And you daddy, which cake will you take?
  • Tumbe - tulumbe! = (I'll take) Tulumbe
  • Ah, izvolite. = Here you are.
  • Hvala. = Thanks.
  • ...
  • Oprostite, ako mogu da dobijem još samo pet komada? = Excuse me, if I could get only five more pieces? 

Thursday, July 04, 2019

Easy Reading Exercises in Cyrillic Script

Monday, July 01, 2019

Easy to Read Serbian - Prva knjiga

I am happy to present you my first Easy to read Serbian named "Šta možemo da vidimo na selu" book which consists of three parts:
  • First part written in Serbian Latin alphabet
  • Second part written in Serbian Cyrillic script
  • Third part with an exercise both in both alphabets
I have also recorded a video where you can listen to me all three parts of the book.  
I would appreciate your honest feedback and suggestions as to which topics you would like me to cover in the future. 
Have fun!
Many thanks to my patrons who continually support me in creating Serbian language learning materials and who give me invaluable feedback!

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Serbian Language - Reading Practice

A real fun and easy way to practice reading in Serbian. In the first part you will try to add the appropriate form of the following verbs:
biti - to be jesti - to eat piti - to drink

Later on you will be able to see if your answers were correct. Can you make a similar story about yourself? 

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Serbian for Kids - Lesson 10

While in the previous lesson of Serbian for Kids, I taught you how to pronounce furniture in Serbian and we played with the Present tense conjugations of the verb to have, today we are practicing rooms in a house/ flat and revising the previous lessons by playing games.  
The words we are learning today are as follows:

Sobe = Rooms

  1. TAJ HODNIK = hallway
  2. TAJ BALKON = balcony
  3. TA KUHINJA = kitchen
  4. TA SOBA = room
  5. TA SPAVAĆA SOBA = bedroom
  6. TA DNEVNA SOBA= living room
  7. TA DEČIJA SOBA = children’s room
  8. TA RADNA SOBA = study
  9. TO KUPATILO = bathroom

It would be perfect if you could download the pdf file, print it and try to learn, by playing Quizlet game  https://quizlet.com/82682152/learn 

The video version of this pdf is coming your way tomorrow on my Patreon blog - for the previous and upcoming versions check out this link! 

Wednesday, February 08, 2017

His and Her in Serbian

His and Her in Serbian

While his = njegov and her = njen sounds pretty easy and straightforward, there is a little catch. These are possessive adjectives and therefore they agree with the noun they describe. That's why they will have all kinds of suffixes to mirror the main noun in number, case and gender.

Today will stick just to the basic Nominative case and see how NJEGOV and NJEN mirror the gender of the nouns through the following exercises:

HIS and HER in Serbian with a funny photo

Simply look at the photo and write his shirt (njegovA košuljA) or her shirt (njenA košuljA), based on the position of the question in the photo:

His and Her in Serbian

HIS and HER in Serbian with Quizlet

If you have learnt clothes with one of my previous lessons, this one will be a piece of cake = prosto ko pasulj:

If you would like to get all my video lessons with explanations in English, translations and additional exercises like the ones above, in the meaningful order, consider joining me on Patreon.

Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Serbian for Children - Lesson 2

Thanks to your kind help the second lesson of Serbian for Children was released yesterday:

In this lesson you can practise saying "Ovo je..." (this is) as well as the vocabulary for family members!


mama = mom
tata = dad
sestra = sister
brat = brother
sin = son
ćerka = daughter

moj / moja = my

Additional exercises:
1. https://quizlet.com/146121479/micromatch
2. https://en.educaplay.com/en/learningresources/2531536/serbian_for_children_lesson_1a.htm

The first part was published in the post about teaching Serbian with children songs, but I will add it here as well:


Hope you find them useful and come here for more!

If you would like to get all my video lessons with explanations in English, translations and additional exercises like the ones above, in the meaningful order, consider joining me on Patreon. HVALA!

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Practising Colors in Serbian

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Colours in Serbian with YleeKids

While creating another Serbian lesson for kids, I came across a very useful song which can teach you how to pronounce the colours (boje) clearly.

Colours in Serbian

Latin Alphabet version 

Prvi deo
  1. Crveni auto x2
  2. Zeleni auto x2
  3. Plavi auto x2
  4. Žuti auto x2
  5. Crni auto x2
  6. Ljubičasti auto x2
  7. Roza auto x2
  8. Narandžasti auto x2
  9. Braon (smeđi) auto x2
  10. Beli auto x2
Drugi deo 2:30

  1. Šta je ovo? Jedna knjiga. Koje boje je ta knjiga? Crvene je boje baš kao i moj krevet.
  2. Šta je ovo? Jedno drvo. Koje boje je to drvo? Zelene je boje da li vidiš? Da vidim.
  3. Šta je ovo? Jedan limun. Koje boje je taj limun? Žute boje baš, kao puding naš.
  4. Šta je ovo? Kutijica. Koje je boje kutijica? Narandžaste baš kao i lisica.
  1. Šta je ovo? Jedna olovka. Koje je boje olovka? Boje je plave, znam, znam da je, šta je.
  2. Šta je ovo? Jedan šešir. Koje je boje taj šešir. Crne boje baš, kao i mačor naš.
  3. Šta je ovo? Jedno jaje. Koje boje je to jaje? Bele je boje, znam, znam da je, šta je.
  4. Šta je ovo? Ovo jedan miš. Koje boje je taj miš? Braon kao kuća ovde pored.
Treći deo 3:45

  1. Deda ima mali žuti auto. x3 Mali žuti auto x2
  2. Deda ima mali crveni auto x3 Mali crveni auto x2
  3. Deda ima mali plavi auto x3 Mali plavi auto x2
  4. Deda ima mali crni auto x3 Mali crni auto x2
  5. Deda ima mali zeleni auto x3 Mali zeleni auto x2
Četvrti deo 8:00

  1. Crveni x3 je krug, crveni, crveni je krug
  2. Plavi x3 je krug, plavi je, plavi je krug
  3. Žut x3 krug, žut je, žut je krug
  4. Crvena x2 jabuka je crvena x3,  jabuka je crvena, crvena, crvena
  5. Plava x2 lopta je plava x3, lopta je plava, plava, plava
  6. Zeleno x2 drvo je zeleno x3,  drvo je zeleno, zeleno, zeleno
  7. Žut x2 limun je žut x3,  limun je žut, žut, žut
  8. Narandžaste x2 boje je sok x 4
  9. Crni x2 šešir je crni x3, šešir je crni, crni, crni
Serbian Cyrillic Script Version

Први део

Црвени ауто x2
Зелени ауто x2
Плави ауто x2
Жути ауто x2
Црни ауто x2
Љубичасти ауто x2
Роза ауто x2
Наранџасти ауто x2
Браон (смеђи) ауто x2
Бели ауто x2

Други део 2:30

Шта је ово? Једна књига. Које боје је та књига? Црвене је боје баш као и мој кревет.
Шта је ово? Једно дрво. Које боје је то дрво? Зелене је боје да ли видиш? Да видим.
Шта је ово? Један лимун. Које боје је тај лимун? Жуте боје баш, као пудинг наш.
Шта је ово? Кутијица. Које је боје кутијица? Наранџасте баш као и лисица.
Шта је ово? Једна оловка. Које је боје оловка? Боје је плаве, знам, знам да је, шта је. Шта је ово? Један шешир. Које је боје тај шешир. Црне боје баш, као и мачор наш. Шта је ово? Једно јаје. Које боје је то јаје? Беле је боје, знам, знам да је, шта је. Шта је ово? Ово један миш. Које боје је тај миш? Браон као кућа овде поред.

Трећи део 3:45

Деда има мали жути ауто. x3 Мали жути ауто x2
Деда има мали црвени ауто x3 Мали црвени ауто x2
Деда има мали плави ауто x3 Мали плави ауто x2
Деда има мали црни ауто x3 Мали црни ауто x2
Деда има мали зелени ауто x3 Мали зелени ауто x2

Четврти део  8:00

Црвени x3 је круг, црвени, црвени је круг
Плави x3 је круг, плави је, плави је круг
Жут x3 круг, жут је, жут је круг
Црвена x2 јабука је црвена x3,  јабука је црвена, црвена, црвена
Плава x2 лопта је плава x3, лопта је плава, плава, плава
Зелено x2 дрво је зелено x3,  дрво је зелено, зелено, зелено
Жут x2 лимун је жут x3,  лимун је жут, жут, жут
Наранџасте x2 боје је сок x 4
Црни x2 шешир је црни x3, шешир је црни, црни, црни

Monday, October 03, 2016

Furniture in Serbian - Expand your Vocabulary

In the previous month I posted a few exercises for you to practice how to pronounce rooms in a flat in Serbian. There was an exercise to help you write and read the same words both in the  Latin and Cyrillic script. I hope you liked all the exercises.

 Now it's time to expand the vocabulary and learn about the furniture in different rooms. Here comes an exercise with flash cards to help you hear and pronounce the words correctly!

Furniture in Serbian

Games with Furniture in Serbian 

To simply recognize the words, play the Scatter game by pulling the photos over the words or vice versa.

When you are ready to practice writing and actively connecting photos with the words, enjoy playing

As usual, there is a vocabulary game, but this time it's a hangman game based on some of the words from the previous exercises.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Serbian for Children with Songs

A few weeks ago I started creating simple lessons for children who are learning Serbian across the world. At first I thought there would be lack of simple and fun songs for the first few lessons, but as it transpired I was wrong. On  Nykk Deetronic's Youtube channel I came across a few great songs, such as:

as well as easy to understand short cartoons, such as 
Today I would like to share a version of Nykk's "Pilići smo mi" by IDJKids, with additional fun exercises I created:


Serbian for Children with Songs

Which words are missing? (More about the verb TO BE in Serbian)

Piju, piju, piju - piju, piju, piju x 3
Mi ____ pilići
Piju, piju, piju
Mali radosni
Jupi, jupi piju x3
Mama govori "Koko roko koko da"

Mi ____ pilići
Piju, piju, piju
Mali radosni
Jupi, jupi piju
________   govori "Kukuriku kukuku"

Mi ____ pilići
Piju, piju, piju
Mali radosni
Jupi, jupi piju
________   govori "av, av, av, av, av"

Mi ____ pilići
Piju, piju, piju
Mali radosni
Jupi, jupi piju
________   govori "mjau x5"

Mi ____ pilići
Piju, piju, piju
Mali radosni
Jupi, jupi piju
________   govori "mu, mu, mu, mu,mu"

Mi ____ pilići
Piju, piju, piju
Mali radosni
Jupi, jupi piju
________   govori "grok, grok, grok, grok, grok"

Mi ____ pilići
Piju, piju, piju
Mali radosni
Jupi, jupi piju
________   govori "me, me, me, me,me"

Mi ____ pilići
Piju, piju, piju
Mali radosni
Jupi, jupi piju
________   govori "kva, kva, kva, kva, kva"

Exercise for Serbian for Children Lesson

Lekcija 7 - Glagol biti

If you like the exercises and Serbian video lessons and courses I am creating, I'd like to invite you to support me through Patreon. Your help is much appreciated :)

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Serbian for Kids - Šuma blista, šuma peva

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Serbian Language for Kids

If you enjoyed learning Serbian by watching Neven or Poletarac or Kefalica, I am sure you will love  "Slovo na Slovo" series, too :)

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Learn about Serbian Verbs with Children's Songs

Another great song which all the devojčice i dečaci sing is "Ivin voz" by Dragan Laković . It's also perfect to introduce a complex lexical system of the Serbian verb (which mirrors English phrasal verbs as well as perfectve /imperfective aspects ) :

The Cyrillic script version:
Ћиху, Ћиху, ћиху-ху...

Из куће је излетео на улицу Ива
сав задихан захуктао к'о локомотива.

Видели га другови, па за њим и они
потрчали, захуктали к'о прави вагони.

Ћиху, Ћиху, ћиху-ху...

Сад улицом тако јури та чудна колона
то воз Ивин путује са седам вагона.

The Latin script version:
Ćihu, Ćihu, ćihu-hu...

Iz kuće je izleteo na ulicu Iva
sav zadihan zahuktao k'o lokomotiva.

Videli ga drugovi, pa za njim i oni
potrčali, zahuktali k'o pravi vagoni.

Ćihu, Ćihu, ćihu-hu...

Sad ulicom tako juri ta čudna kolona
to voz Ivin putuje sa sedam vagona.

Interesting verb lexicology:

  • leteti = to fly, IZleteti = to fly out of 
  • huktati = to make a sound like a to train (figuratively: to complain) , ZAhuktati se  = to gather speed (for a train, or when doing something)
  • trčati = to run, POtrčati = to start running
An exercise covering this topic can be found on this SerbianLesson.com page.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Serbian for Kids - Bedtime Stories

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Serbian for Children - Numbers

Friday, December 24, 2010

Learn Serbian with Children's Songs

Let's practise the Genetive case in Serbian with this lovely song:

Nema __________ ni planete (world =svet)
Gde _________ stići dete, (can not)
Jer sve ______________ staze vode (children's = deca)
Od igre do _________________.(freedom = sloboda)

Nema __________ ni planete (world =svet)
Gde _________ stići dete, (can not)
Jer sve ______________ staze vode (children's = deca)
Od igre do _________________.(freedom = sloboda)

Cveće je ukras ______________ (of garden = bašta)
Leptir je ukras _____________, (of flower= cvet)
A deca puna _____________ (of imagination = mašta)
Deca __________ (are)
Ukras _____________... (of the world = svet)


_____________ pesme tihe tajne (beautiful=lep)
Sve ljubavi _____________ sjajne, (of children's = deca)
Neka planu _________ se rode (let's)
Od ___________ do slobode. (from game/play = igra)


Happy Holidays from Ivan&Marina & Nat (AhoyThere)

Advanced Serbian - Srpski kao drugi jezik

Gde je ključ? Где је кључ? - Učimo srpski sa Marinom
Gde je ključ? ...
Where is the Key?-...
By Marina Petrović
Photo book