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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Serbian for Kids - Bedtime Stories

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Serbian for Kids - Locative Case Fun Way

Serbian for Kids - Locative Case

There are two parts in this video. In the first part you are just listening to me searching for and finding numbers. In the second part, I added the answer key to the left and right, so you can see why some words get an "i" at the end, and the others get an "u" at the end. 
So, whenever you want to say that you are somewhere, we use the Locative case which will change the ending of the word which describes your the location. The same is with the numbers in this video. 

Locative Case Fun Way

Words ending in -a (most of Feminine, Singular)
GDE su brojevi stranica? 
OGRADA -  4 je na ogradi
ČARAPA - 6 je na čarapi
TRAVA - 8 je na travi
PATIKA - 10 je na patici
MAJICA - 14 je na majici
KOŠULJA - 14 je na košulji
ŠKOLA - 16 je na školi
KLACKALICA - 18 je na klackalici
PALMA -  20 je na palmi
KOSA - 22 je na kosi
TRAMPOLINA - 24 je na trampolini 
 Words ending in a consonant (Masc. Sg.) or -E/O (Neut. Sg.)
BALON - 5 je na balonu
OBLAK - 7 je na oblaku
CVET  - 9 je na cvetu
DRVO - 11 je na drvetu
ŠORC  - 13 je na šorcu
TOBOGAN - 15 je na toboganu
CIRKUS - 21 je na cirkusu
KROV - 21 je na krovu
OBRAZ - 23 je na obrazu
LICE  - 23 je na licu
U potrazi za ostalim brojevima = Searching for other numbers
Now it's time for you to search the other part of the book and write in the comments where all the other numbers are... I'm curious! Jedva čekam vaše odgovore :)

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Serbian for Kids - Lesson 10

While in the previous lesson of Serbian for Kids, I taught you how to pronounce furniture in Serbian and we played with the Present tense conjugations of the verb to have, today we are practicing rooms in a house/ flat and revising the previous lessons by playing games.  
The words we are learning today are as follows:

Sobe = Rooms

  1. TAJ HODNIK = hallway
  2. TAJ BALKON = balcony
  3. TA KUHINJA = kitchen
  4. TA SOBA = room
  5. TA SPAVAĆA SOBA = bedroom
  6. TA DNEVNA SOBA= living room
  7. TA DEČIJA SOBA = children’s room
  8. TA RADNA SOBA = study
  9. TO KUPATILO = bathroom

It would be perfect if you could download the pdf file, print it and try to learn, by playing Quizlet game  https://quizlet.com/82682152/learn 

The video version of this pdf is coming your way tomorrow on my Patreon blog - for the previous and upcoming versions check out this link! 

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Serbian Genitive - Part 3

While in the previous simple Serbian cartoons we ppractised the prepositions followed by the Genitive:

  1. Iz = From
  2. Ispod / Iznad / Pored etc.
today we are revising the same case, with words, both in Masc. and Feminine Singular, such as: 
  • Rim, London, Pariz >>> iz RimA, iz LondonA, od ParizA - Sg. Masc.
  • Srbija, Engleska >>> iz SrbijE, iz EngleskE - Sg. Fem.
However, this time I am also introducing demonstrative adjectives this and these in Serbian:

This and These in Serbian

  • for "she" (like in "this girl" - devojčica) >>> Ova devojčica
  • for "he" (like in "this boy" - dečko) >>>Ovaj dečko
  • for "it" (like in "this sun" - sunce) >>> Ovo sunce
  • for they Masc. Pl or Masc. and Fem. Pl. together (like in "these people" - ljudi) >>>Ovi ljudi
  • for "they" Fem. Pl.(like in "these women" - žene) >>> Ove žene
  • for "they" Neut. Pl. (like in "these kids" - deca) >>> Ova deca

Made with ToonyTool.com

Serbian Genitive Task

I'm going to write the translations of these captions. Your task is to match them with colours :)

Boje (colours)  su: narandžasta (1), crvena (2), tamno plava (3), ljubičasta (4), tamno ljubičasta (5), zelena (6)

  • a) My village is more beautiful than Paris (the preposition "than" in comparison always requires the Genitive case)
  • b) This one with an umbrella is from London for sure (the preposition "from" requires the Genitive)
  • c) If they are from Rome, we are from Paris!
  • d) If this sun sees me, it must think I am from Paris!
  • e) This little one (=a girl) is surely from Serbia!
  • f) These postcards from Italy are funnier than the ones from France!

Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Serbian Verbs Conjugated - To Live

I have tried to make simple conjugation videos before, but was never satisfied with what they looked and sounded like. Last week, thanks to my dedicated patrons on Patreon and my students of Serbian whom I've been teaching for years, I was able to afford the first professional version of the software which I have always dreamt of.  HVALA!!!

How do you like my first pro conjugation video?

Now that I have all the tools, I am sure you'll all enjoy my short video lessons about:

  1. verb conjugations in Serbian, both in the Cyrillic and Latin alphabet.
  2. short video stories, based on the video with conjugations
  3. short dialogues based on the texts and Serbian Phrases
  4. videos explaining Serbian idioms
  5. easy Serbian songs and chants for kids
Još jednom ogromno hvala mojim dragim pratiocima i učenicima koji pomažu održavanje ovog bloga i sve bolji kvalitet video lekcija srpskog jezika. Moje nove lekcije će izgledati super zahvaljujući Mirku, Milici i Milenki, Lari, Matiji, Dejanu i Danijeli, Marion, Pavlu, Dejvidu, Niku i Dženi i Jani!!! 

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Serbian for Children - Numbers

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Learn Common Serbian Phrases with Mikela

If you liked the previous post about the common Serbian phrases, I am sure you will like the following set of phrases people tend to use in  daily conversations when they meet the friends they haven't seen for quite a while.

I will add a translation next to the each phrase, so you can see what is only natural to ask if you have a friend who is from Serbia, Bosnia, Montenegro or Croatia :) You will see that there are no "safe" topics about the weather though, lol:)

Đesi ba?* = Where are you? =what's up?
šta ima? = what's up?
kako si? = how are you?
šta radiš? = what are you doing?
ima li šta novo da me iznenadiš? 
= is there anything new to surprise me?

Kad si doš'o? = When did you come back?
kad se vraćaš? = when are you coming back?
vidiš li ti ovo? = can you see what's happening?
i kako ti to shvaćaš? = and what's your take on that?

Šta planiraš danas? = What are your plans for today? (what are you gonna do?)
jesi l' sutra šta planiro? = have you planned anything for tomorrow?
što si neraspoložen? = why are you in a bad mood?
ko te iznerviro? = who bothered you? 
Jes' ti diplomiro ono što si studir'o? = finished what you've been studying?
Nešto s' ti to čini mi se malo pauziro? = it seems you didn't finish it in time?

Jes' to novi telefon kupio? = Have you bought a new (cell) phone?
pošto?  = how much?
ako bi ga prodavo koliko bi košto? = if you were to sell it, how much would it be?
Kol'ko mu prostora u memoriju staje? = how much memory (space=prostor) is there?
kol'ko mu dugo baterija traje?  = how long does the battery last?
Jesu l' to tvoja kola? = is this your car? (The word "kola" in Serbian is always in plural)
il je rent a car? = or is it a rent-a-car?
Je l' to dizel il' benzinac? = is it using diesel fuel or gasoline?
kol'ko je star? = how old is it?

Je l' to na lizing? =Is it on lease?
il je gotovina? = or in cash?
je l' to vuče prednja ili zadnja osovina? = is it front or rear traction?

Refren 2x (* kaš = Kad ćeš)
Kaš* se žent? = When are you gonna get married (ženiti = to get married for men)?
kaš se udavat? when are you gonna get married (udavati = to get married for women)?
De mi reci pa da mogu mirno spavat! = do tell me, so I can sleep peacefully!
imaš li djece? = have any kids?
e nemaš pa što? = no? so why not?
šta čekaš više? = what are you waiting for? 
što ne rješavaš to? = why aren't you working on that?

Kako ti je mama? = How's your ma?
kako ti je tata? = how's your pa?
je l' ti ono imaš sestru ili brata? = have you got a sister or brother? 
(The word "ono"implies that he has forgotten about it)
Radiš li šta? = working?
i kol'ka ti je plata? = how much is your salary?
jesi l' u kreditu?  = having a (bank) loan?
kol'ka ti je rata? = how much is your (monthly) installment?

Đe budeš? = Where are you staying?
đe živiš?= where do you live?
đe stanuješ sada? =where are you living now?
je l' to periferija? = is it in the suburbs? 
za kolko si do grada? = how far is it from the city center?
jesi to na fejsu? = are you on Facebook?
koja ti je slika na profilu? = which is your profile photo?
je l' de da to i ti imaš viška koju kilu? = do admit it that you have put on weight! 
(some (extra) kilos = koju kilu viška)

Refren 3x

 *Đes ba or Gde si? here means "what's up", and is often used along with that phrase "Đes ba? Šta ima?

Friday, November 30, 2018

Serbian for Kids - Numbers from 1 to 20

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Serbian for Kids - Šuma blista, šuma peva

Monday, December 15, 2014

Genitive in Serbian - Exercise with Adjectives

Genitive in Serbian

Let me announce  a series of blog posts about the Genitive in Serbian with exercises. Theory can be easy to learn, but what's more difficult is to actually produce correct sentences and phrases. 

That's why I want to encourage you to play with the Quizlets I make for you and keep saying the words in Serbian out loud, especially while playing the SpaceRace :)

Practising Genitive in Serbian

Here comes the answer key:

od čistog zlata - of pure gold
prljave šolje - (of a) dirty mug
od tamnog odela - of dark suit
od svetlih gradova - of light cities
prijatnih žena - (of) pleasant women
od neprijatane dece - (of) unpleasant children
širokog osmeha - (of) broad smile
iz uske ulice - out of narrow street
od visokog čoveka - from the tall man
od niske žene - from the short woman
iz lepog sela - from the beautiful village
od ružnih pasa - of ugly dogs
od pametnih - from smart friends
od glupih političara - from stupid politicians
od duge suknje - of the long skirt
kratkih rukava - (of) short sleeves
od vrednih ljudi - from hardworking people
od lenje dece - from lazy kids
od dobrih roditelja - of good parents
lošeg uticaja - (of) bad influence
jasnih uputstava - (of) clear directions
nejasnih misli - (of) unclear thought
omiljenih kolača - (of) favorite cookies
udobnog kreveta - (of) comfortable bed
prazne kese - (of) empty bag
pune šake - (of a) full hand
srećne žene - (of a) happy woman
prostranih soba - (of) spacious rooms
nesrećnih kolega - (of) unhappy colleagues
bogatog muža - (of a) rich husband

Test with Genitive in Serbian

So you can try to do the test now :)

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Colours in Serbian with YleeKids

While creating another Serbian lesson for kids, I came across a very useful song which can teach you how to pronounce the colours (boje) clearly.

Colours in Serbian

Latin Alphabet version 

Prvi deo
  1. Crveni auto x2
  2. Zeleni auto x2
  3. Plavi auto x2
  4. Žuti auto x2
  5. Crni auto x2
  6. Ljubičasti auto x2
  7. Roza auto x2
  8. Narandžasti auto x2
  9. Braon (smeđi) auto x2
  10. Beli auto x2
Drugi deo 2:30

  1. Šta je ovo? Jedna knjiga. Koje boje je ta knjiga? Crvene je boje baš kao i moj krevet.
  2. Šta je ovo? Jedno drvo. Koje boje je to drvo? Zelene je boje da li vidiš? Da vidim.
  3. Šta je ovo? Jedan limun. Koje boje je taj limun? Žute boje baš, kao puding naš.
  4. Šta je ovo? Kutijica. Koje je boje kutijica? Narandžaste baš kao i lisica.
  1. Šta je ovo? Jedna olovka. Koje je boje olovka? Boje je plave, znam, znam da je, šta je.
  2. Šta je ovo? Jedan šešir. Koje je boje taj šešir. Crne boje baš, kao i mačor naš.
  3. Šta je ovo? Jedno jaje. Koje boje je to jaje? Bele je boje, znam, znam da je, šta je.
  4. Šta je ovo? Ovo jedan miš. Koje boje je taj miš? Braon kao kuća ovde pored.
Treći deo 3:45

  1. Deda ima mali žuti auto. x3 Mali žuti auto x2
  2. Deda ima mali crveni auto x3 Mali crveni auto x2
  3. Deda ima mali plavi auto x3 Mali plavi auto x2
  4. Deda ima mali crni auto x3 Mali crni auto x2
  5. Deda ima mali zeleni auto x3 Mali zeleni auto x2
Četvrti deo 8:00

  1. Crveni x3 je krug, crveni, crveni je krug
  2. Plavi x3 je krug, plavi je, plavi je krug
  3. Žut x3 krug, žut je, žut je krug
  4. Crvena x2 jabuka je crvena x3,  jabuka je crvena, crvena, crvena
  5. Plava x2 lopta je plava x3, lopta je plava, plava, plava
  6. Zeleno x2 drvo je zeleno x3,  drvo je zeleno, zeleno, zeleno
  7. Žut x2 limun je žut x3,  limun je žut, žut, žut
  8. Narandžaste x2 boje je sok x 4
  9. Crni x2 šešir je crni x3, šešir je crni, crni, crni
Serbian Cyrillic Script Version

Први део

Црвени ауто x2
Зелени ауто x2
Плави ауто x2
Жути ауто x2
Црни ауто x2
Љубичасти ауто x2
Роза ауто x2
Наранџасти ауто x2
Браон (смеђи) ауто x2
Бели ауто x2

Други део 2:30

Шта је ово? Једна књига. Које боје је та књига? Црвене је боје баш као и мој кревет.
Шта је ово? Једно дрво. Које боје је то дрво? Зелене је боје да ли видиш? Да видим.
Шта је ово? Један лимун. Које боје је тај лимун? Жуте боје баш, као пудинг наш.
Шта је ово? Кутијица. Које је боје кутијица? Наранџасте баш као и лисица.
Шта је ово? Једна оловка. Које је боје оловка? Боје је плаве, знам, знам да је, шта је. Шта је ово? Један шешир. Које је боје тај шешир. Црне боје баш, као и мачор наш. Шта је ово? Једно јаје. Које боје је то јаје? Беле је боје, знам, знам да је, шта је. Шта је ово? Ово један миш. Које боје је тај миш? Браон као кућа овде поред.

Трећи део 3:45

Деда има мали жути ауто. x3 Мали жути ауто x2
Деда има мали црвени ауто x3 Мали црвени ауто x2
Деда има мали плави ауто x3 Мали плави ауто x2
Деда има мали црни ауто x3 Мали црни ауто x2
Деда има мали зелени ауто x3 Мали зелени ауто x2

Четврти део  8:00

Црвени x3 је круг, црвени, црвени је круг
Плави x3 је круг, плави је, плави је круг
Жут x3 круг, жут је, жут је круг
Црвена x2 јабука је црвена x3,  јабука је црвена, црвена, црвена
Плава x2 лопта је плава x3, лопта је плава, плава, плава
Зелено x2 дрво је зелено x3,  дрво је зелено, зелено, зелено
Жут x2 лимун је жут x3,  лимун је жут, жут, жут
Наранџасте x2 боје је сок x 4
Црни x2 шешир је црни x3, шешир је црни, црни, црни

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Serbian Language for Kids

If you enjoyed learning Serbian by watching Neven or Poletarac or Kefalica, I am sure you will love  "Slovo na Slovo" series, too :)

Monday, March 12, 2012

Learn Serbian with "Neven" Series

Tuesday, February 04, 2020

Textbooks for Learning Serbian - Where are Kids?

My latest textbook is finally visible on Amazon :) I have created a video lesson for you, based on the first few pages. This is just an introduction in which you can practice one of the most commonly confused language chunks in Serbian:
  • I am going to ...  = idem u + accusative case e.g. idem u park - idem u prirodu
  • I am in / at = ja sam u/na + locative case e.g. ja sam u parku - ja sam u prirodi

As you can see, the page numbers are here and there, so you can learn the following phrases:

  • U gornjem desnom uglu = at the top right corner
  • U donjem levom uglu = at the bottom left corner
  • Na sredini = in the middle
This book also has all the letters (slova) of the Cyrillic alphabet hidden in it - all you have to do is look carefully. Once it was published it took me ages to find a few letters, they are hidden soooo well! The most important thing is that all 30 letters are in the book!

  • Koliko ste našli slova? 
  • Gde ste ih našli?
  • Koje slovo je bilo najteže naći?

Monday, July 23, 2012

Fairy Tales in Serbian - Ružno pače

Listen to this video and answer the questions, which refer to the interview with Nebojša Dugalić, in the second part:

  1. Koliko dece ima Nebojša ?
  2. Da li čita bajke svojoj deci ?
  3. Zašto on čita bajke svojoj deci ?
  4. Da li je "Ružno pače" film ?
  5. Kome je prvenstveno namenjen ovaj CD ?
  6. Da li Vi čitate bajke na srpskom ? 
  7. Da li Vama neko čita bajke na srpskom ?
  8. Da li volite bajke ? Zašto ?

Listening comprehension for the pre-intermediate level :

  1. Does Nebojša have any kids ?
  2.  If yes, how many ?
  3. Does Nebojša read fairy tales to his children ?
  4. Is "Ružno pače" in the video a film or just CD ?

Advanced Serbian - Srpski kao drugi jezik

Gde je ključ? Где је кључ? - Učimo srpski sa Marinom
Gde je ključ? ...
Where is the Key?-...
By Marina Petrović
Photo book