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Practice Serbian Cyrillic Script

Since there's a growing number of people joining my Quizlet exercises to practice Serbian, I decided to record a series of videos to help you with pronunciation. Besides, you'll see how learning with Quizlet can be fun and engaging :)

How to Practice Serbian Cyrillic Script 

Practice Serbian Cyrillic Script
Practicing Pronunciation of Serbian Cyrillic Script
listen to ‘Practicing Serbian Cyrillic’ on audioBoom If you like this lesson, check out 99 more which can be found on an online video course  Serbian 101!

Exercises for Serbian as a Foreign Language

Exercises for Serbian as a Foreign Language  Because of the lack of digital teaching materials for practicing Serbian as a foreign language, I decided to turn  my simple dialogues and stories into video exercises. Unfortunately, when speaking of the Serbian language, there's scarcity of paper based materials as well, but that's another story!

Exercises for Serbian as a Foreign Language 
Anyways*, if you have studied the previous lesson thoroughly, I am sure you will be able to do the following task without difficulty, whether* practicing speaking or grammar!

 *again, you can find the translation in the Serbian version of this post

Serbian Verbs - Short Story 1

Serbian Verbs in Short Stories Recently I have considered* a list of the most frequently used Serbian verbs and I decided to write short stories and dialogues based on them. In* the first ten often used verbs, the following four are in this story:
bitiimatijestivideti I also added the verb "voleti" in this group, which is actually at 31st position according to its frequency, but I hope you won't mind!
Can you translate this dialogue into your mother tongue? I will translate it into English and this will help you to check your own translation. If you happen to have time, do send it (via comment maybe?), because it will help other students all over the world in the future!

*Sorry for the clumsy translation, I was trying to stick to the Serbian original text which can be found here.
Dialogues in English and Serbian


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