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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Learning Serbian with Jokes - Lesson 4

If you liked  the joke about an elephant, giraffe and the fridge, and all its variations through tenses, you will be more than happy to learn that there is a sequel to it :)

In this part you are simply learning to explain why not all the animals are at the lion's party.


  • slaviti = to celebrate
  • taj lav = the lion
  • rođendan = birthday
  • svi = all
  • životinja = animal
  • sve životinje = all the animals
  • žurka = party
  • njegova = his
  • na njegovoj žurci = at his party

Pay attention to the word PARTY - žurka:

  • Ovo je super žurka = This is a great party (Nominative)
  • Dolazim sa žurke = I am coming from the party (Genitive)
  • Idem ka žurci = I am going to(wards) the party (Dative)
  • Idem na žurku = I am going to the party (Accusative)
  • Lav je zadovoljan žurkom = The lion is satisfied with the party (Instrumental)
  • Lav je na žurci = The lion is at the party (Locative)

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