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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Learning Serbian with Jokes - Lesson 4

If you liked  the joke about an elephant, giraffe and the fridge, and all its variations through tenses, you will be more than happy to learn that there is a sequel to it :)

In this part you are simply learning to explain why not all the animals are at the lion's party.


  • slaviti = to celebrate
  • taj lav = the lion
  • rođendan = birthday
  • svi = all
  • životinja = animal
  • sve životinje = all the animals
  • žurka = party
  • njegova = his
  • na njegovoj žurci = at his party

Pay attention to the word PARTY - žurka:

  • Ovo je super žurka = This is a great party (Nominative)
  • Dolazim sa žurke = I am coming from the party (Genitive)
  • Idem ka žurci = I am going to(wards) the party (Dative)
  • Idem na žurku = I am going to the party (Accusative)
  • Lav je zadovoljan žurkom = The lion is satisfied with the party (Instrumental)
  • Lav je na žurci = The lion is at the party (Locative)

Monday, July 30, 2018

Serbian Language with Vicevi

Vic in Serbian means a joke.

Telling easy jokes makes learning a language fun and easy. That's why I am sharing with you the first two parts of a very long joke which has some of the most frequently used verbs:
  1. otvoriti = to open
  2. zatvoriti = to close
  3. staviti = to put
  4. izvaditi = to take out
In the first video you can watch the Present tense version of this story with an explanation and translation:

In the second video lesson you can see how you can change the same joke, so it has the same meaning, but you practice the Accusative and Genitive cases without noticing it :D

If you want to support me creating video lessons of Serbian, you are welcome to join my Patron page:) 

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Joke = Vic

zašto ?= why?
žene = women
piju = ( they ) drink
kafu (kafa) = coffee
razgovaraju = (they) talk
da ne bi = (in order) not to
zaspati (zaspale fem.past form) = fall asleep (fell asleep)
dok = while
druga (fem.) = the other (one) (for Masc. it would be ' drugi ')
priča (ona priča) = (she) talks

Zašto žene
piju kafu dok razgovaraju?

Da ne bi zaspale dok druga priča.

Advanced Serbian - Srpski kao drugi jezik

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