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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Šta radiš? What are you doing?

Take a look at the previous blogpost and let's try to explain why (ZAŠTO) we are waiting for someone or something.

Čekamo mamu da idemo u prodavnicu.

We are waiting for my mum to go to the shop.

Now. Let's do it together using 'we' (MI):

1. Čekamo autobus da idemo u Beograd.

2. Čekamo tatu da idemo na pijacu. (market)

3. Čekamo priljatelje da idemo na ručak. (lunch/dinner)

4. Čekamo rođake (relatives) da idemo na izlet. (picnic)

5. Čekamo decu (kids) da idemo na sajam. ( fair)

6. Čekamo roditelje (parents) da idemo u galeriju porcelana. (porcelain gallery)

Audio by Ivan

***** Now, you try the same but imagine you are talking about your friends :o)

Example: (Oni) čekaju mamu da idu u prodavnicu.

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