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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Šta vidiš? (What can you see?)

Šta vidiš? (What can you see?)

NOGA = leg, RUKA = arm, KOSA = hair

vidim... rukU
Vidim... kosU.


OBRAZ = cheek, NOS = nose, OKO= eye

Vidim obraz. Vidim nos. Vidim oko.

To practise Plural forms click SkolaSrpskog

To listen to the pronunciation click our TalkGroup
To practise a little bit on your own, tell me what they can see, and check the answers in our Talk Group. Feel free to record your own answer :o)

Oni vide...
KUĆA (house), DRVO (tree), ZVUČNIK (loudspeaker), KAMERA (video cam), STOLICA (chair), STO (table), DETE (child)

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