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Serbian Language with Recipes - Exotic Chicken

In today's "Radni ručak" we can enjoy watching "Piletina lampia" with the chef Samir and  beautiful Milena.

Listen to the video and try to answer the following questions:

1. Jedan sastojak je viška. Koji?

piletinacrvena paprikatikvicacrni luksopirinačmedananasbananašampinjonišargarepapavlakabibersirće 2. Od čega se sastoji sledeće jelo - koji oblik nije gramatički tačan? od piletineod crvene paprikeod tikviceod crnog lukaod solijaod pirinčaod medaod ananasaod bananeod šampinjonaod šargarepeod pavlakeod biberaod sirćeta 3. Koje imenice nedostaju iza glagola koje sam navela? iseći seći ... na kockicedodati ...staviti ... da se pečeiseći ... na krupnoiseći ... na pola, pa još na polaiseći ... na sitne kockicedodati ... i papriku na krajusipati polako ...koristimo neutralnu ... ili ... za kuvanjedodati malo ...kao podlogu ćemo staviti ...dodaćemo još malo ... i to bi bilo to Answer key:

Furniture in Serbian - Expand your Vocabulary

In the previous month I posted a few exercises for you to practice how to pronounce rooms in a flat in Serbian. There was an exercise to help you write and read the same words both in the  Latin and Cyrillic script. I hope you liked all the exercises.

 Now it's time to expand the vocabulary and learn about the furniture in different rooms. Here comes an exercise with flash cards to help you hear and pronounce the words correctly!

Furniture in Serbian

Games with Furniture in Serbian  To simply recognize the words, play the Scatter game by pulling the photos over the words or vice versa.

When you are ready to practice writing and actively connecting photos with the words, enjoy playing

Gravity orSpaceRace As usual, there is a vocabulary game, but this time it's a hangman game based on some of the words from the previous exercises.

My Room In Serbian - Lesson 9


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