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Friday, May 22, 2020

Serbian 102 - To Be in Past in Serbian

To Be in Past in Serbian 

In this story you can learn more about Pepa the Pig - Pepa Prase as a baby and what she did when she was little:
  • Pepa Prase je bila beba. 
  • Pepa i Suzi su bile bebe. 

A Story with TO BE in Past in Serbian

Part 1 - Serbian 101 

Let's do the exercise while watching the first part of the video:


  • Ja sam Pepa Prase = I am Peppa Pig
  • Ovo je moj mali brat Džordž = This is my brother, George
  • Ovo je Mama Prase = This is Mommy Pig
  • Ovo je Tata Prase = This is Daddy Pig

    • Suzi ovca je došla da se igra kod Pepe. = Suzy the sheep came to play with Peppa. 
    • Zdravo Suzi = Hello, Suzy
    • Zdravo Pepa = Hello, Peppa
    • Želim nešto da ti pokažem = Let me show you something
    • Pogledaj ovo = Look at this
    • Šta je to? = What is that?
    • To je fotografija = That is a photo.
    • Da li znaš ko je to? = Do you know who that is?
    • To je beba ovca?  = Is that a baby sheep?
    • To sam ja. = That is me.
    • Ti nisi beba. = You are not a baby.
    • To je stara slika. Tada sam bila beba. = This is an old photo. Then I was a baby.
    • Ma ne budi šašava, Suzi. = Don't be silly, Suzy.
    • Nekada pre čak  si i ti bila beba. = Some time before. even you were a baby, too. 
    • Ne, nisam.  = No, I wasn't!
    • Da, jesi. Pitaj svoju mamu! = Yes, you were. Ask your mom!

Part 2 - Serbian 102 


  • Mama, Suzi ne zna šta priča. = Mom, Suzy doesn't know what she is talking about.
  • Da, znam. = Yes, I know.
  • Ona mi kaže da sam nekada i ja bila beba. = She tells me that I was a baby once.
  • Da i  jesi bila, Pepa. Vidi, imam neke slike na računaru. Šta misliš, ko je to? = Yes, you were, Peppa. Look, I have some photos on the computer. What do you think , who is that?
  • To je beba Aleksandar. (Aleksandar je Pepin rođak) = That is a baby Alexander.
  • Ne, to si ti kao beba, Pepa. (Beba - Pepa) = No, that is you, as a baby, Peppa.
  • Vidi tata, to je moja slika kada sam bila beba. = Look, daddy, that is my photo when I was a baby.
  • Toga se dobro sećam. Slikali smo te kada smo se uselili u ovu kuću. = I remember it well. We took photos when we moved into this house.
  • Kako to misliš? = What do you mean?
  • Kada si bila beba, preselili smo se ovde. Sve stvari smo preneli na našem automobilu. Mama prase je okačila neke slike. = When you are a baby, we moved in here. All the things we carried in our car. Mommy Pig put up some paintings.
  • Tata prase je okačio policu, a deka prase nam je zasadio divnu baštu. = Daddy Pig set up a bookcase, and Grandpa Pig planted a wonderful garden.
  • A gde je sada dekino lepo cveće, mama? =Mom, where is the grandpa's beautiful flowers now?

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