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Thursday, January 07, 2021

Serbian 101 - with Language Games


The easiest way to learn has always been through playing games. That's why I am sharing a very simple game about the verb to be in Serbian:

Have fun!

Friday, May 22, 2020

Serbian 102 - To Be in Past in Serbian

To Be in Past in Serbian 

In this story you can learn more about Pepa the Pig - Pepa Prase as a baby and what she did when she was little:
  • Pepa Prase je bila beba. 
  • Pepa i Suzi su bile bebe. 

A Story with TO BE in Past in Serbian

Part 1 - Serbian 101 

Let's do the exercise while watching the first part of the video:


  • Ja sam Pepa Prase = I am Peppa Pig
  • Ovo je moj mali brat Džordž = This is my brother, George
  • Ovo je Mama Prase = This is Mommy Pig
  • Ovo je Tata Prase = This is Daddy Pig

    • Suzi ovca je došla da se igra kod Pepe. = Suzy the sheep came to play with Peppa. 
    • Zdravo Suzi = Hello, Suzy
    • Zdravo Pepa = Hello, Peppa
    • Želim nešto da ti pokažem = Let me show you something
    • Pogledaj ovo = Look at this
    • Šta je to? = What is that?
    • To je fotografija = That is a photo.
    • Da li znaš ko je to? = Do you know who that is?
    • To je beba ovca?  = Is that a baby sheep?
    • To sam ja. = That is me.
    • Ti nisi beba. = You are not a baby.
    • To je stara slika. Tada sam bila beba. = This is an old photo. Then I was a baby.
    • Ma ne budi šašava, Suzi. = Don't be silly, Suzy.
    • Nekada pre čak  si i ti bila beba. = Some time before. even you were a baby, too. 
    • Ne, nisam.  = No, I wasn't!
    • Da, jesi. Pitaj svoju mamu! = Yes, you were. Ask your mom!

Part 2 - Serbian 102 


  • Mama, Suzi ne zna šta priča. = Mom, Suzy doesn't know what she is talking about.
  • Da, znam. = Yes, I know.
  • Ona mi kaže da sam nekada i ja bila beba. = She tells me that I was a baby once.
  • Da i  jesi bila, Pepa. Vidi, imam neke slike na računaru. Šta misliš, ko je to? = Yes, you were, Peppa. Look, I have some photos on the computer. What do you think , who is that?
  • To je beba Aleksandar. (Aleksandar je Pepin rođak) = That is a baby Alexander.
  • Ne, to si ti kao beba, Pepa. (Beba - Pepa) = No, that is you, as a baby, Peppa.
  • Vidi tata, to je moja slika kada sam bila beba. = Look, daddy, that is my photo when I was a baby.
  • Toga se dobro sećam. Slikali smo te kada smo se uselili u ovu kuću. = I remember it well. We took photos when we moved into this house.
  • Kako to misliš? = What do you mean?
  • Kada si bila beba, preselili smo se ovde. Sve stvari smo preneli na našem automobilu. Mama prase je okačila neke slike. = When you are a baby, we moved in here. All the things we carried in our car. Mommy Pig put up some paintings.
  • Tata prase je okačio policu, a deka prase nam je zasadio divnu baštu. = Daddy Pig set up a bookcase, and Grandpa Pig planted a wonderful garden.
  • A gde je sada dekino lepo cveće, mama? =Mom, where is the grandpa's beautiful flowers now?

Thursday, October 03, 2019

Serbian 101 - Glagol BITI

Glagol BITI - značenje (meaning)

Even if you are really familiar with the verb to be in Serbian, let's simply review what we know with tthese fun exercises:

Glagol BITI - vežbe (exercise)

Glagol BITI - igre (games)

Glagol BITI - additional exercises

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Word Order with Past Tense of To Be

If you liked the video and the follow-up exercises I recently published, it's time for you to do revise it and practice pronunciation:

Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Learning Serbian Efortlessly

Let's learn the past tense form of "She was" in Serbian the easy way: BILA JE with this beautiful song, step by step:

Now, an exercise:

If you would like to get all my video lessons with explanations in English, translations and additional exercises like the ones above, in the meaningful order, consider joining me on Patreon. HVALA! 

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Verb to be in Serbian - Video Exercise

If you liked the video about animals I posted last month, I bet you'll enjoy practising* the verb TO BE with the following video. *The verb forms which are missing are as follows:
  • JE
  • SU
  • NIJE
  • NISU

If you are not sure about the answers, you can check it here:

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Verb Biti in Serbian

Biti in Serbian

The verb "TO BE" in Serbian is something you should learn at the very beginning, because you'll need it not to express the most essential facts about yourself, but also because it is used as an auxiliary verb in the Simple Past tense.

That's why this post dedicated to the different conjugations, i.e. forms, of the verb to be can be useful both for the beginners and more advanced students.

A few short videos and exercises with the verb Biti in Serbian

Exercise 1
While watching this video say "This is a... These are ...s" using these structures:
  • Ovo je ... (+ nominative Sg)

Exercise 2:
  • Ovo su ...(+ nominative Pl) 
  • Ovo je...(+ nominative Sg)

Exercise 3
While watching this video say what the photos are about (the locative case ) using the phrase: Ova slika je o... = This photo is about

Exercise 4
Using these full forms of the verb TO BE, give the positive and negative answers with 

the full form of the verb to be:

Links to the previous posts about the verb Biti in Serbian

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

365 Days of Serbian Language - Beginner Lesson 3

If you practised the verb TO BE in the Serbian in my previous lessons,  I'm sure this will be an easy task for you:
  1. Mute this video before watching it and try to give / write the correct answers for each button. 
  2. You can write down the answers and then watch the video again and listen to Jeremija giving his responses. 
  3. Has he made any mistakes and if he has, correct the wrong answers (you can write the replies in the comment)

*This is also a smooth intro to the lesson on numbers in Serbian.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Serbian Language Day 8 - Beginner Serbian, Lesson 2

Serbian for beginners, lesson 2:

If you successfully completed the previous lesson, and vežbe = exercises jedan and dva, you are ready for the followin lesson covering the phrase "This is ..." and "This isn't ...". Watch the video exercise and try to guess:
  1. what "OVO" means ?
  2. what is the negative form of "JE" ?


Thursday, February 14, 2013

Serbian Language 365 Day 3 - Intermediate level & Past Tense

Let's practise the Simple Past Tense in the Serbian language. While the beginner and pre-intermediate courses of Serbian  focus is on phrases, present tense, modals and cases, the intermediate course focuses on aspects, explaining the subtle differences between "odmarati" and "odmoriti" and similar.

Since we are at the very beginning of everyday Serbian lesson series, let me introduce you to some of the earlier posts covering this topic:
...as well as one of the Youtube videos, which somehow connect with the yesterday's post, so now it can be easily understood:

Text : "Gde si bila ?" (Fem. Sg.) / "Gde si bio?" (Masc. Sg.) = Where were you ?
Fem. Sg. Bila sam u ...
Masc. Sg. Bio sam u ...

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Past Tense of To Be in Serbian

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Conjugation of To Be in Serbian

----------Present Tense of the verb TO BE - BITI in Serbian
Ja sam
Ti si
On je
Ona je
Mi smo
Vi Ste
Oni/one/ona su
---------------Past Tense of the verb TO BE - BITI in Serbian
Ja sam bio/bila
Ti si bio/bila
On je bio
Ona je bila
Ono je bilo
Mi smo bili(masc)/bile(fem)/bila (neuter)
Vi ste bili(masc)/bile(fem)/bila (neuter)
Oni su bili(masc)
One su bile(fem)
Ona su bila (neuter)
---------------------Future Tense of the verb TO BE - BITI in Serbian
Ja ću biti
Ti ćeš biti
On će biti
Ona će biti
Ono će biti
Mi ćemo biti
Vi ćete biti
Oni/one/ona će biti

Don't forget to check:

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