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Monday, December 14, 2020

Serbian 301 - Word Order with SE

From the very first lesson, one gets to learn that funny "se" in the sentence: "Zovem se... " (My name is...). Often times it doesn't mean anything, or simply isn't translated into English. That's why you need to do a lot of exercises to get accustomed to this form. 

Serbian 301 - Word Order with SE

Let's start with the first exercise where you simply need to say how much these sentences are true for you. Try using the following phrases:

  • Takođe
  • Isto
  • Ponekad
  • Uglavnom 
  • Nikada 

Exercise with Word Order with SE

Now, that you are familiar with these sentences, you can easily do the following exercise - putting the words in order. Have fun!

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