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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Daily Routines in Serbian - Speaking Exercise

Daily routines in Serbian - Game

The best way to learn a language is by playing games and listening to it. That is why I am sharing a new Memory game to help you out, followed by the video, so you can also listen and play :)

Useful conjugations and common collocations with daily routines in Serbian

  1. PRATI zube / ruke /lice  (to wash your teeth /hands / face) - perem - pereš - pere /// peremo - perete - peru
  2. SPREMATI (to get ready) doručak - spremam - spremaš - sprema /// spremamo - spremate - spremaju
  3. PRIPREMATI  (to prepare) doručak - pripremam ... /// ... pripremaju
  4. PRAVITI (to make) doručak - pravim ... /// ... prave
  5. UMIVATI SE  (to wash your face) - umivam se ... /// ... umivaju se
  6. TRČATI  (to run) - trčim ... /// ...trče
  7. PECATI (to fish) - pecam ...  / ... pecaju
  8. USTAJATI (to get up) - ustajem... /// ... ustaju
  9. BUDITI SE (to wake up) - budim se .../// ... bude se

Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Advanced Serbian exercises - Sixth June

I have always enjoyed doing short tasks based on authentic news and fun texts. That is why I want to create and share with you the same kind of exercises based on daily news, both in the Latin alphabet and Cyrillic script. Today I'm sharing with you one of the common news section called "Dogodilo se na današnji dan" - "On this day in history" from KratkeVesti :)

 Cyrillic version Latin alphabet version

Advanced Serbian - Srpski kao drugi jezik

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