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Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Serbian A1-A2, Who am I?

Serbian A1-A2, Who am I?  

A super duper easy exercise to practice Serbian. Try to solve the following puzzle and then guess who the celebrity is. 

Serbian a1- a2 - Vežba

Useful vocabulary to do this exercise:

  1. biti = to be: sam - si - je - smo - ste - su
  2. doručkovati = to have breakfast: doručkujem - doručkuješ - doručkuje - doručkujemo - doručkujete - doručkuju
  3. ručati = to have dinner: ručam - ručaš - ruča - ručamo - ručate - ručaju 
  4. živeti = to live: živim - živiš - živi - živimo - živite - žive
  5. imati = to have: imam - imaš - ima - imamo - imate - imaju 
  6. nositi = to wear: nosim - nosiš - nosi - nosimo - nosite - nose
  7. zvati se = to be called: zovem - zoveš - zove - zovemo - zovete - zovu 
I am sure you did this exercise really well. Now, if you have an idea who the celebrity is, post your ideas in the comments :) Hvala!

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Daily Routines in Serbian - Speaking Exercise

Daily routines in Serbian - Game

The best way to learn a language is by playing games and listening to it. That is why I am sharing a new Memory game to help you out, followed by the video, so you can also listen and play :)

Useful conjugations and common collocations with daily routines in Serbian

  1. PRATI zube / ruke /lice  (to wash your teeth /hands / face) - perem - pereš - pere /// peremo - perete - peru
  2. SPREMATI (to get ready) doručak - spremam - spremaš - sprema /// spremamo - spremate - spremaju
  3. PRIPREMATI  (to prepare) doručak - pripremam ... /// ... pripremaju
  4. PRAVITI (to make) doručak - pravim ... /// ... prave
  5. UMIVATI SE  (to wash your face) - umivam se ... /// ... umivaju se
  6. TRČATI  (to run) - trčim ... /// ...trče
  7. PECATI (to fish) - pecam ...  / ... pecaju
  8. USTAJATI (to get up) - ustajem... /// ... ustaju
  9. BUDITI SE (to wake up) - budim se .../// ... bude se

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Why not Having Fun Learning Serbian Verbs?

Monday, June 19, 2017

Verb Conjugations in Serbian - Present Tense of Go

Present Tense of to Go

Here comes a short lesson with the verb IĆI = TO GO to in the Simple Present tense. The conjugations are as follows:

  1. Ja idem - ti ideš - on/ona/ono ide ///// mi idemo - vi idete - oni / one  / ona idu

Common Serbian Phrases with this Verb

How can you use the verb IĆI to create the most common phrases:

  1. Gde ideš? = Where are you going?
  2. Kada ideš u školu? = When are you going to school?
  3. Gde ideš u kupovinu/prodavnicu? = Where are you going shopping?
  4. Zašto ideš na posao tako kasno? = Why are you going to work so late?
  5. Gde ideš na odmor svake godine? = Where do you go on holiday every year?
  6. Kad idete na odmor? = When are you going on holiday?
  7. Ko ide u školu? = Who is going to school?
  8. Ko ide sa mnom? = Who is going with me?
  9. Ko ide ka Beogradu? = Who is going to (towards) Belgrade?
  10. Kada ideš u Beograd sa mamom? = When are you going to Belgrade with me?
As you can see, this is a tricky verb, because it can be followed by nouns in different cases. The most common are:

1. Accusative with the preposition "u / na" = in or to, as in GO TO

a. Idem na posao.
b. Idemo u školu u 8 ujutro.
c. Idemo na odmor  u avgustu.
d. Svake godine idem na odmor u Grčku.
e. Sutra idem u Beograd sa tobom.
f. Idem ( u Beograd) sa mamom u petak. 
g. Deca idu u školu.

2. Instrumental with the preposition "sa" =with, as in GO with a friend

h. Baka ide sa mnom.
i. Idem ( u Beograd) sa mamom u petak. 
j. Zato što idem biciklom.

3. Less frequently it will be followed by the Dative, with the preposition "ka / prema" = towards, as in GO TOWARDS.

k. Mi idemo ka Beogradu. Možete li da nas povedete?

Your task

Try to match the questions 1 to 10 with the answers a to k. and record them with www.Vocaroo.com. You can send them to me and get your replies via Patreon.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Serbian Verb Conjugations - Practicing Can

Here comes a brand new video based on an exercise with the modal verb MOĆI. Let's watch the video first, before doing a bunch of exercises:

Practicing Can with Language Games

Practicing Serbian Verb Moći with Flashcards

Testing your Knowledge of Serbian Verb Conjugations 

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Learning to Conjugate in Serbian - To Have Breakfast

Learning to Conjugate in Serbian

Today I've found a video with an easy text in Serbian, which I forgot to upload  and share  with you last year. I corrected this mistake and you can see it now on my Youtube channel. I think you will find this exercise quite easy, as it focuses only on  the verb " to have breakfast " - doručkovati.

Learning to Conjugate in Latin Script

Since the video is for you to practice the Cyrillic script, let me write some basic forms of the verbs you will need in the Latin alphabet.

Present Simple of doručkovati and piti (to drink)
  • Doručkujem-doručkuješ-doručkuje // doručkujemo - doručkujete - doručkuju
  • Pijem - piješ - pije // pijemo - pijete - piju
Past Simple of doručkovati and piti (to drink)
  • Doručkovao - doručkovala - doručkovalo // doručkovali - doručkovale - doručkovala
  • Pio - pila - pilo // pili - pile - pila
Future Simple of doručkovati and piti (to drink)
  • Doručkovaću - doručkovaćeš - doručkovaće // doručkovaćemo - doručkovaćete - doručkovaće
  • Piću - pićeš - piće // pićemo - pićete - piće
I've written both the past and the present forms for the more advanced learners to practice turning the same text into the past and future tenses and thus learning to conjugate "doručkovati".

Learning to Conjugate in Cyrillic

Now, I am sure you are ready for this exercise:

In order to turn the Cyrillic into Latin alphabet, do use the perfect tool for that, called SlovoMajstor:

Advanced Serbian - Srpski kao drugi jezik

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