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Learning Cyrillic with Greetings in Serbian

While I am working on my new series of courses, let me share with you some beautiful photos with short dialogues written both in the Serbian Cyrillic and Latin script. Based on the photo below, can you tell me what is missing in the gaps in the first photo?

Useful vocabulary:
to bi bilo - that would besve - alllaku noć - good nighthvala - thanksposeta - visithvala na poseti - thanks for the visithvala što ste nas posetili - thanks for visiting us For the pronunciation of some words, check out this video:

Modal Verbs in Serbian - Can 2

In the one of the previous lessons we practiced the verb CAN in the Present Tense in Serbian. Let's revise it once again:
CAN - Present Simple ConjugationsCAN + infinitive - Daily routinesVideo When you practised the verb MOĆI long enough, you are ready to solve the following mystery:
Which words are missing?

p.s. The response you can see here is from the famous song by Zdravko Čolić. If you like the song, let's learn how to sing it together :)


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