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Listening comprehension exercise in Serbian

Listen to this short reportage on the statue of Rocky in a Serbian village.

Then read the following questions and try to answer them:

MINUTES> 00:00 - 00:22

1. Where is the statue being made?

2. What will happen in August?

MINUTES> 00:22 - 00:36

3. When did the sculptor begin his work?

4. When is he going to finish?

MINUTES> 00:55 - 01:12

5. Where is the sculptor from?

6. Whose idea was it to make the statue?

MINUTES> 01:09 - 01:39

7. Where is Bojan from ?

8. What is Bojan's plan?

MINUTES> 01:40 - 01:50

9. Who made the first statue of Rocky?

10. How many such statues are there in the world?

MINUTES> 01:56 - 02:15

11. What is Zoran Batic talking about?

12. How many internet sites does he mention?

MINUTES> 02:25 - 02:35

13. What will the statue be made of?

14. How much will the statue weigh?

Useful vocabulary pages in Serbian

Since there was a comment from someone asking for months in Serbian, Cyrillic version, I am currently adding up all the material (follow Marina's courses - Vocabulary and Phrases) I have posted on this blog and the power point slides I've been using in my online teaching onto my site. After each post, I added as many links to either pronunciation or cyrillic version as I have found so far.
pozz = pozdrav
ps. април = april

Past Tense Plural suffixes in Serbian

Past Tense with Garfield

Džon: Danas sam naporno radio.
Danas - today
Sam - to be ( I am = ja sam)
Raditi - to work (Sing. masc. radio, fem. radila, neuter radilo)
Naporno - hard (to work hard - naporno raditi)

Gafrild: Znači sad je vreme za zabavu.
Znači - it means
Sad - now
Je - to be (it is - to je ('to' refers to 'vreme' (neuter))
Vreme - time
Za - for
Zabavu - entertainment, fun

Practice : Turning Past Tense Sg for masc. and fem. into Plural

As I mentioned in some of the previous posts, in the Past Tense there is an important
distinction among masc. ending in -o, fem. ending in -la, and neuter. ending in -lo.
For Plural, the endings are as follows:
Pl. masc. - li
Pl. fem. - le
Pl. neut. -la

Try to turn the Singular forms for Masc. / Fem. nouns from the previous exercise into Plural:

1a. TO A GIRL: ustala
TO GIRLS ustale
1b. TO A BOY: ustao
TO BOYS: ustali
2b. TO BOYS:
3a. TO…

Singular and Plural in Serbian

Neki ljudi svoje kućne ljubimce posmatraju kao decu.

1. NEKI - some
2. LJUDI - people
3. SVOJ - possesive pronoun like my/your /his /her/its /our/your /their, used when the possesion refers to the subject
5. POSMATRATI - to watch, regard as, think of
6. KAO - as, like (there is no distinction between AS and LIKE in Serbian)
7. DECA - children


1. PA... - well...
2. TATA - dad
3. IMATI - to have
4. LI - used for question forms in all tenses
5. TESTAMENT - the will (a legal declaration of a person's wishes as to the disposition of his or her property or estate after death, usually written and signed by the testator and attested by witnesses)

Some people regard their pets as children.
Well, daddy, do you have the will ?

Practice. FOLLOW THIS LINK FOR Singular - Plural Exercise

Exit Novi Sad

FROM THE NEWS REPORT, FOLLOW THE LINK Američka televizija Si-En-En uvrstila je ovogodišnji "Egzit", koji se od 9. do 12. jula održava u Novom Sadu, među 12 najboljih muzičkih festivala na svetu u 2009. godini.Novosadski festival "Egzit" (EXIT) uvršten je među 12 najboljih u godišnjem vodiču američke televizije Si-En-En."Egzit", koji će ove godine doživeti svoje jubilarno 10. izdanje, nalazi se na spisku "Vodič do najboljih svetskih muzičkih festivala".
“Egzit“ na listi najboljih festivala****************** objašnjenje reč po reč :
1. NA - on

2. LISTA - a list

3. na listI - on a list

4. NAJBOLJI - the best (dobar-bolji- najbolji)

Američka televizija Si-En-En uvrstila je ovogodišnji "Egzit", koji se od 9. do 12. jula održava u Novom Sadu, među 12 najboljih muzičkih festivala na svetu u 2009. godini.
****************** objašnjenje reč po reč :5. AMERIKA - AMERIČKI : America - American6. TELEVIZIJA : Television7. SI-EN-EN: CNN8. UVRSTIT…

Useful phrases and links for tourists coming to Novi Sad

AUTOBUS - bus / coach

VOZ - train

TROLEJBUS - trolley-bus


BICIKL - bicycle

AVION - plane

AUTOBUSKA STANICA - bus/ coach station
POLAZAK / POLASCI - departure
DOLAZAK / DOLASCI - arrivals
ŽELEZNIČKA STANICA - railway station
AERODROM - airport

KOLIKO KOŠTA ... - how much is ...

AUTOBUSKA KARTA - bus ticket
VOZNA KARTA - railway ticket
ULAZNICA - entrance fee
RENTIRANJE - renting of

ULICA - street

GLAVNA ULICA - main street

MOST -bridge

PARK - park

REKA - river

ŠKOLA - school

HOTEL - hotel

CRKVA - church

KATEDRALA - cathedral

MUZEJ - museum

POZORIŠTE - theatre

RESTORAN - restaurant

PAB - pub

KAFE - cafe

BOLNICA - hospital

CENTAR GRADA - city centre/ downtown


PIJACA - market

ŠOPING CENTAR - shopping centre

KAMP - camp

EXIT - izlaz


TVRĐAVA - fortress


POLICAJAC - policeman

POLICIJSKA STANICA - police station

KONZULAT - consulate

AMBASADA -embassy

******************* phrases in context:
HOW MUCH IS...? - koliko košta ...?


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