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Study Serbian via Youtube

You can study Serbian by simply watching Youtube channels. With this new tool which I've discovered recently, I'll be adding annotations to a certain part of the video, in its basic form, and you can use it when learning / teaching Serbian. For example:

When you see "+ulica", make one of the following sentences:

1. Želeo / želela bih da vidim + mesto (= place, but in Accusative)
2. Hoću da vidim /posetim (visit) + mesto in Accusative
3. Interesuje me + mesto in Nominative (use plural with common nouns)
4. Sviđa / sviđaju mi se + mesto in Nominative (sviđa + Sg. or sviđaju + Pl.)

The first example:
1. Želela bih da vidim zgrade (u Beogradu).
2. Želela bih da posetim Skupštinu (u Beogradu).
3. Interesuje me da vidim Sava centar (u Beogradu).
4. Sviđaju mi se ulice (u Beogradu).

Practise Locative in Serbian

Imagine where some objects are, and play this game with your friend by
asking these questions:  Singular = Jednina:  Da li je sat u dnevnoj sobi ? = Is the clock in the living room ?  Da / Ne Znači ovo je dnevna soba? Baš je lepa ! = So this is the living room ?  It is really beautiful/nice (lep - lepa - lepo) Plural = Množina:  Da li su stolice na balkonu ? = Are the chairs on the balcony ? Da /Ne Znači ovo je balkon ? Baš je prostran! = This is the balcony ?  It is really spacious (prostran - prostrana - prostrano)

p.s. you can also check out the gapped quizz with the song. 


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