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Ideas for Advanced Serbian Lessons - City

Advanced Serbian Lessons - Describing a City For all of you who are eager to learn more advanced Serbian, I found another great video which can be turned into a few different speaking and listening comprehension exercises:
Advanced Serbian SpeakingExercise one: watching the video without listening to it. You can take a guess what each building or buildings might be, using the following structures: Ova zgrada bi mogla da bude (this building could be...) ... pijaca / vrtić / škola / stambena zgrada / crkva / sportski centar / tržni centar / bazen / pozorište ... or plural form:OvE zgradE bi moglE da budU...Ovo je idealno mesto za (this is a perfect spot for...) ... pijacu / vrtić / školu / stambenu zgradu / crkvu / sportski centar / tržni centar / bazen / pozorišteDa sam arhitekta / dizajner / političar, ja bih na ovom mestu izgradio ...(if I were an architect, I'd build...)  ... pijacu / vrtić / školu / stambenu zgradu / crkvu / sportski centar / tržni centar / bazen / pozorišteExe…

Learning to Conjugate in Serbian - To Have Breakfast

Learning to Conjugate in SerbianToday I've found a video with an easy text in Serbian, which I forgot to upload  and share  with you last year. I corrected this mistake and you can see it now on my Youtube channel. I think you will find this exercise quite easy, as it focuses only on  the verb " to have breakfast " - doručkovati.
Learning to Conjugate in Latin Script Since the video is for you to practice the Cyrillic script, let me write some basic forms of the verbs you will need in the Latin alphabet.

Present Simple of doručkovati and piti (to drink) Doručkujem-doručkuješ-doručkuje // doručkujemo - doručkujete - doručkujuPijem - piješ - pije // pijemo - pijete - pijuPast Simple of doručkovati and piti (to drink) Doručkovao - doručkovala - doručkovalo // doručkovali - doručkovale - doručkovalaPio - pila - pilo // pili - pile - pilaFuture Simple of doručkovati and piti (to drink) Doručkovaću - doručkovaćeš - doručkovaće // doručkovaćemo - doručkovaćete - doručkovaćePiću - …

Verb Biti in Serbian

Biti in SerbianThe verb "TO BE" in Serbian is something you should learn at the very beginning, because you'll need it not to express the most essential facts about yourself, but also because it is used as an auxiliary verb in the Simple Past tense.

That's why this post dedicated to the different conjugations, i.e. forms, of the verb to be can be useful both for the beginners and more advanced students.
A few short videos and exercises with the verb Biti in SerbianExercise 1 While watching this video say "This is a... These are ...s" using these structures:Ovo je ... (+ nominative Sg)

Exercise 2:
Ovo su ...(+ nominative Pl) Ovo je...(+ nominative Sg)
Exercise 3
While watching this video say what the photos are about (the locative case ) using the phrase: Ova slika je o... = This photo is about
Exercise 4 Using these full forms of the verb TO BE, give the positive and negative answers with 
the full form of the verb to be:

Links to the previous posts about the v…

Saint Sava Holiday in Serbian

Saint Sava Holiday in Serbia Srećna slava Sveti Sava!

I wish you  a happy St. Sava day with yet another version of the beautiful hymn dedicated to Saint Sava, sung by the Serbian men's choir "Kosovo" from Ohio.

While listening to this number, check out these useful links about this topic, shared on our blog in the course of the previous years:
Listening comprehension exerciseThe lyrics of the songAn exercise based on the St. Sava hymnBBC video about St. Sava Slava (hvala D.)About St. Sava by Istorijska Biblioteka site in SerbianAbout Serbian Slava in English (hvala Baba Mimi)About Serbian Orthodox faith in English

Christmas in Serbian

Merry Christmas in Serbian I am sure you are enjoying these festive days and moments with your family and friends, wherever you are! Let me wish you a peaceful and merry Christmas with this newest version of my favourite Christmas song "Oj Badnjače, Badnjače":

Learning more about Christmas in Serbian
I also want to share with you a list of great links which will help you learn more about Serbian tradition and  Christmas in Serbian:

About Ortodox ChrismasHow to pronounce the greetings for Christmas in SerbianBeautiful Christmas songs - Anđeli pevaju & Zvezda se zasja


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