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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Agreement and Disagreement Phrases in Serbian - Day

Sunday, March 03, 2013

Learn Serbian Phrases - dan dvadeseti

In the previous posts you could practise the phrases for giving directions. Today, I came across this great video which can help you learn the language of instructions, when talking about exercises. It's useful to revise the body parts first:

and then to enjoy watching and listening to the video below:

Serbian Phrases free e-book

  • First, you can do these exercises with your eyes closed, only by listening to her
  • Then, you can watch the video and do the exercise, checking if you understood her well
  • Finally, you can do this follow-up exercise I made for you

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Serbian Language 365 - Phrases for Giving Directions

About two years ago I was tinkering with the free version of Camtasia for a month. The result was one part of the Serbian phrase course, covering three topics, both in the Latin alphabet and Cyrillic script. Now when I look back on my early works, I'm quite disappointed and I recon it's high time I made  much clearer video lessons with better background music and wide scope of topics. I bet you agree :)

In the meantime, I'm sure you'll find these two videos covering "Giving directions in Serbian" useful. 

Serbian Phrases free e-book
Places in the city in the Cyrillic script:

Giving directions in the Latin alphabet:

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Serbian Language 365 - Day 6 Phrases in Serbian

Many of you who have joined my online lessons, accompanying Serbian language courses, already know that I've had so much precious insight into learning Serbian from my mother-in-law who is French. She told me how difficult it was for her to learn the language from books, and she actually started speaking the language and becoming fluent when she threw away all her grammar books and textbooks and started learning phrases and letting her children correct her mistakes. You can imagine why: since Serbian is a highly flective language, one can come across many suffixes which are the same, denoting different cases (like "vidim pitU" (Acc.Sg.Fem.) in contrast with "ja sam u BeogradU" (Locative, Sg. Masc.)), which can only confuse you.

In reality, if you stopped to think what you'd say, you'd never become fluent. The key to learning ANY language is always immersion, either by spending time in the country where the language is spoken, or watching films, singing songs or being surrounded by  people speaking only the target language. In case none of the above is possible, you can always  learn the set phrases, which will help you become fluent.

Learning grammar is always a "reverse engineering" process  - and it should stay that way. That's why I will always publish one "Serbian phrases video lesson" based on a situation covered in my Serbian phrases e-book on Sundays. Lots of my students told me it was highly useful and practical, and I'm sure you'll find it the same!

Pozdravi na srpskom (Greetings in Serbian)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Introductions in Serbian - Video

Friday, June 17, 2011

Questions About Daily Routines - Phrases in Serbian

When = Kada
Daily routines in Serbian:

1. Kada se budiš ?
2. Kada se umivaš ?
3. Kada doručkuješ ?
4. Kada pereš zube ?
5. Kada se oblačiš ?
6. Kada ideš na posao / u školu ?
7. Kada se vraćaš sa posla / iz škole ?
8. Kada ručaš ?
9. Kada učiš srpski ?
10. Kada radiš domaći ?
11. Kada gledaš TV?
12. Kada večeraš ?
13. Kada se šetaš ?
14. Kada trčiš ?
15. Kada se viđaš sa prijateljima ?
16. Kada se tuširaš ?
17. Kada čitaš knjigu ?
18. Kada ideš da spavaš ?

* Additional Exercise about Daily Routines in Serbian

Friday, May 27, 2011

"Vukova crtanka" - part two

The previous post with Serbian proverbs and sayings covered letters from A to Đ, and now we continue from E to Ž:
1. E, darovnome konju zubi se ne gledaju (Don't look a gift horse in the mouth) - nowadays we tend to say "Poklonu se u zube ne gleda" (obviously the word "horse" is omitted, which makes this modern version a bit funny, but it's widely used)
2. E, da sam juče umro ne bih to danas čuo
(literally: If I'd died yesterday I wouldn't hear it today)
3. E, dok jednom ne smrkne, drugom ne svane
(the death of the wolves is the safety of the sheep) -here's the fun definition 
4. E, dok se čovek dima ne nadimi, ne može se ogrejati.
(you must take the rough with the smooth)

Ž ( Ж is my favourite letter in the Cyrillic script)
1- Žena muža nosi na licu, a muž ženu na košulji
(literally: "A wife wears a man on her face, and a husband wears his wife on his shirt", which obviously mean that one can judge how a husband treats his wife by looking at her face, while one can judge how a wife takes care of her husband by looking at his shirt)
2. Žedna preko vode prevesti
(pull the wool over sombody's eyes)
3. Žena će samo onu tajnu sačuvati koju ne zna
(a woman can keep only the secret which she doesn't know)
4. Ženi sina kad hoćeš, a ćerku kad  možeš
(Marry your son when you will, your daughter when you can)

Monday, May 02, 2011

"Vukova crtanka" - part one

Recently my son showed me his newly bought booklet with numerous proverbs, adages, tongue twisters and riddles called "Vukova crtanka" (Vuk's Colouring Book). Let me list my favourite ones:

A - Ako je neko lud, ne budi mu drug.
      Ako hoćeš koga da poznaš, podaj mu vlast.
B -  Bez alata nema zanata.
      Bolje umeti, nego imati.
V - Videla žaba gde se konj potkiva, pa i ona digla nogu.
      Veselo je srce golemo blago.
G - Gladnog ne teši, već nahrani.
      Gde je stida, tu je i poštenja.
D - Delo čoveka hvali.
     Dogovor kuću gradi.
Đ - Đe (gde) je obraz tu je i duša.
     Đe će kruška no pod krušku.

Pitao sin oca, kad je po svetu hteo poći:
- Od šta mi se valja najviše čuvati ?
- Od tuđe muke.

Tongue Twisters: (audio)
Pitala metla metlu, gde je metla metlu; Metla metla metlu iza vrata.
Čokančićem ćeš me, čokančićem ću te!
Cvrči, cvrči cvrčak, trči, trči trčak; trči, trči trk! Trčak trkom trči, crni cvrčak cvrči!

Part 2

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Basic phrases about playing a sport in Serbian

What do you do in your free time?
---> Šta radiš u slobodno vreme?
What sport do you play in your free time?
---> Kojim se sportom baviš u slobodno vreme?
What do you like doing in your free time?
---> Šta voliš da radiš u slobodno vreme?

I play football.
---> Igram fudbal.
I don't play golf, but I play basketball.
---> Ne igram golf već košarku.
I go swimming and fishing.
---> Idem na plivanje i pecanje.

What about you? - A ti?

Friday, August 27, 2010

Public Signs in Serbian

Let's start from the most common ones:

улаз, ULAZ = entrance
излаз, IZLAZ = exit
улаз је слободан, ULAZ JE SLOBODAN = free admission
заузето, ZAUZETO = occupied
затворено, ZATVORENO = closed
отворено, OTVORENO = opened
дозвољено, DOZVOLJENO = allowed
забрањено,ZABRANJENO = forbidden
пушачи, PUŠAČI =  smokers
непушачи, NEPUŠAČI = non-smokers
мушки, MUŠKI (toalet) = gentlemen (toilet)
женски, ŽENSKI (toalet)= ladies
на продају, NA PRODAJU = for sale
соба за издавање, SOBA ZA IZDAVANJE = a room for rent
звонити, ZVONITI! = ring!
затварај врата, ZATVARAJ VRATA = close the door
не узнемиравај, NE UZNEMIRAVAJ = do not disturb
пази, PAZI! OPASNOST! = watch out! danger!
чувај се, ČUVAJ SE PSA = beware  of the dog!
стој, STOJ! = stand still!
тишина, TIŠINA = be silent
вуци, VUCI = pull
гурај, GURAJ = push
затвори врата, ZATVORI VRATA = close the door
не дирај, NE DIRAJ = do not touch! If you are never sure how to pronounce these words, you can hear the slow pronunciation in some of my videos on Youtube or Serbian Phrases Cyrillic version of the course.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Useful phrases and links for tourists coming to Novi Sad

AUTOBUS - bus / coach

VOZ - train

TROLEJBUS - trolley-bus


BICIKL - bicycle

AVION - plane

AUTOBUSKA STANICA - bus/ coach station
POLAZAK / POLASCI - departure
DOLAZAK / DOLASCI - arrivals
ŽELEZNIČKA STANICA - railway station
AERODROM - airport

KOLIKO KOŠTA ... - how much is ...

AUTOBUSKA KARTA - bus ticket
VOZNA KARTA - railway ticket
ULAZNICA - entrance fee
RENTIRANJE - renting of

ULICA - street

GLAVNA ULICA - main street

MOST -bridge

PARK - park

REKA - river

ŠKOLA - school

HOTEL - hotel

CRKVA - church

KATEDRALA - cathedral

MUZEJ - museum

POZORIŠTE - theatre

RESTORAN - restaurant

PAB - pub

KAFE - cafe

BOLNICA - hospital

CENTAR GRADA - city centre/ downtown


PIJACA - market

ŠOPING CENTAR - shopping centre

KAMP - camp

EXIT - izlaz


TVRĐAVA - fortress


POLICAJAC - policeman

POLICIJSKA STANICA - police station

KONZULAT - consulate

AMBASADA -embassy

******************* phrases in context:
HOW MUCH IS...? - koliko košta ...?
WHERE IS ... ? - gde je ... ?
(for pronunciation check this video)
possible answers :
THERE - tamo
TURN - skreni
(ON THE) LEFT - levo
(ON THE) RIGHT - desno
GO - idi / idite
STRAIGHT - pravo

Advanced Serbian - Srpski kao drugi jezik

Gde je ključ? Где је кључ? - Učimo srpski sa Marinom
Gde je ključ? ...
Where is the Key?-...
By Marina Petrović
Photo book