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Learning Serbian with Songs

While I was creating a playlist of the most well known ex-Yu series for my advanced Serbian students the other day, I stumbled upon this great video of the famous "Slovenska" song by Đorđe Balašević. I'm sure you'll find the perfectly synced lyrics  really helpful. Here's also a link to the translation.
Enjoy it !

Serbian Language for Kids

If you enjoyed learning Serbian by watching Neven or Poletarac or Kefalica, I am sure you will love  "Slovo na Slovo" series, too :)

Places in the City - Video Exercise

If you haven't been to Novi Sad, you'll surely look forward to visiting it after you watch this video by Daniel Erdeg :

You can also practise making simple sentences as I did in the classroom exercise and prepare to do one or few tasks based with this video explanation (if necesarry, check the vocabulary video): Exercise for Serbian 102: What can you see ? Šta vidite ?
Exercise for Serbian 201: Šta se nalazi ispred Vas / s leve ili desne strane ? Šta ste videli ? or Šta ćete videti kada dođete u Novi Sad

Serbian Conjugations in Cyrillic Script

If you have always wondered it there were any videos with conjugations in Serbian with the Cyrillic script, here they come :

With this video you can not only pronounce the Simple present conjugations of the verb "zvati se", but you can also practise its word order and asking and answering simple questions in the second part of the video. Which words are missing there ?

How many sentences can you make in Serbian ?

If you are a beginner in learning Serbian and you want to practise only the most frequent  verbs, I'm sure you'll enjoy this video with:
videti (to see)voleti (to love / like)imati (to have) along with the nouns (in the Accusative case), do watch these videos and try to: ask "what" (šta) questionsor simply talk what you see or you don't see along with it: 

For more speaking practice videos click here. and if you are a more advanced learner of Serbian try to ask / answer questions in different tenses or conditionals. For example: Šta bi uradio kada bi video zeca / mačku...?


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