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Verb Conjugations in Serbian - "To Think = Misliti"

If you are interested in conjugations of other verbs in different tenses, feel free to leave a comment with your wish :-)

All the conjugations can be seen either on our "Your Reference" pages or via our Video Channel on Youtube

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St Valentin Poem in Serbian

Girls' version
(a girl writing to a boy):

U srce sam te zaključaLA,
Ne možeš izaći,
A ključić sam izgubiLA,
Ne možeš ga naći!

Now, can you write the boy version in the comment?

Past Participles in Serbian

Past Participles missing: formed by replacing the 'i/e/ati' or 'ći' infinitive ending of the verb with the past participle endings as follows:

Masc. Sg -o
Fem. Sg - la
N. Sg -lo
Masc. Pl -li
Fem. Pl - le
N. Pl -la

_______________ (she arrived) je sama sa ljetom
_______________ (she approached) i rekla hello
Pogledi su nam ________________ (telling) više od riječi
K’o da se zvijezda sa neba
____________________ (came down) meni na dlan
______________ (I knew) sam samo o njoj da zove se Džuli

Džuli, Džuli
A _______________ (I wanted) sam da dugo traje taj san

Pamtim još dodir te ruke
Lice i njen pogled blag
Odmah je jasno mi _______________ (it was) da ludo je volim
Kao i sve ljetne snove
I nju mi je _________________ (took away) dan
_________________ (it remained) samo je sjećanje na jedan juli

Džuli, Džuli
A _____________ (I wanted) sam da dugo traje taj san

Pitam u noćima nebo
Da li je to __________ (it was) san
Ili je stvarno te noći me ______________ (she was kissi…


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