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Fraze na srpskom - speaking practice

Watch this video and practise asking basic questions and giving answers. The next step is to ask the same questions with "Vi". You can watch one of the previous video lessons with  Serbian phrases covering the topic " Vi" vs. "Ti" in Serbian.

Learn Serbian by Singing

Learning any language by singing songs is certainly much more appealing than learning the grammar rules and doing  boring tasks. Since all the students ask for the grammar explanations in order to make sense of what is being spoken, I decided to create a few web pages with songs followed by grammar exercises, based on the lyrics. I'm curious to know if you like it ? Here comes the first 20 songs (click on the cover or the following link):

Sing &  Learn

Detective Stories - Mystery of Poisoned Beer

If you got interested in solving detective stories while learning Serbian, soon you'll be able to buy special e-books (like this one) which will lead you to video lessons step by step - the more you "discover", the more videos you'll open, which will help you crack the case :) In the meantime, let's prepare for the Mystery of Poisoned Beer, by doing the task about Serbian wine regions (vinski regioni Srbije) :)))))))

Extra task:

Pre-intermediate Serbian - Conjugator

While in the first four lessons of the Serbian for pre-intermediate level there was the emphasis on the nouns and cases, in the previous post, the more important topic started to emerge - and that's the one of the verb conjugation system in Serbian. That's why I made this short universal Serbian conjugations video to help you practise the verb conjugations for verbs we'll be covering in the future:

How to use it:
Decide which verb you want to conjugate - or the Latin script versionPractise saying the verbs with the video - pay attention, in the second part of the video you have to figure out what the subject is (ja, ti, on/ona/ono, mi, vi, or oni/one/ona)In the previous lessons we did the verbs "ići", "živeti" and "govoriti" - if you can conjugate these verbs in the Simple Present, you are ready for the next step

Serbian for Beginners - Connecting the Dots

If you have successfully did the previous lessons
Lesson 1 - Pronouns and the verb to beLesson 2 - International wordsLesson 3 - The verb to beLesson 4 - Adjective "dobar" (good) it means that you are ready to connect the dots, and learn how to greet people in Serbian, which is your lesson 5: 

The previous posts on this topic can be found under the heading "greetings in Serbian" - Don't forget to do the follow-up exercise, too!

All the new recordings from Serbian 101 course are available on Udemy now!

Good Youtube Materials for Learning Serbian

I hope that you enjoyed the previous posts on
foreigners living in Serbiavarious childrens' seriesmy video lessons Today I'm reminding you of another great Youtube channel where Kefalica shows are being uploaded! Here's one of the previous tasks I made with their video in  the past. The funniest responses tend to become so popular, so that people started remixing them. For example Bože, Petra, or this one: 

Agreement and Disagreement Phrases in Serbian - Day

In the previous posts about Serbian phrases I covered pretty basic ones, such as:
Greetings and IntroductionsGiving directionsGiving instructions (imperative) For the more advanced students in Serbian, here comes a video lesson covering the language of giving opinions, expressing agreements and disagreements. Next time I'll record a lesson with Jeremija how to use these phrases in the context:

Learn Serbian 365 Days with Songs and Poems - Branko Miljković

If you are at upper-intermediate or advanced level of Serbian, I'm sure you'll fall in love with this poem at first sight/hearing :) Zaljubićete se u ovu pesmu Branka Miljkovića na prvi pogled / prvo slušanje :)

If you are not sure about the words and the meanings, you'll  find it on this page.
For all those who'd like to practise the Genitive case after the preposition "zbog" = because of, here is the exercise based on this magnificient poem.

Learn Serbian 365 Days - Detective Story, part 3

If you have successfully solved the previous two parts of this detective story, I'm sure you're ready = spremi ste, to continue working on the case:
Part 1Part 2Убиство у радној соби
Part 1: What has been found and where ?

Извештај, 2. фебруар, 20:16
Дежурни официр - Стојан Нешић,

Место убиства: кућа убијеног Ђорђа Белића, 
Адреса: Гвоздићева 142, Звездара, Београд

Затечено стање при доласку, у 18.04:

Телевизор - упаљен.
Поломљен тањир - у трпезарији поред врата.
Неколико неотребљених кромпира - у судопери у кухињи.
Трагови уља - на кваци.
Пиштољ - у руци убијеног Ђорђа Белића.
Пиштољ - очишћен, без отисака прстију.
Отисци прстију Војислава Симеуновића - 
на кваци од врата према радној соби.
Телефон - без отисака прстију.
Прозори у радној соби - отворени.
Улазна врата - отворена.
Задња врата, према гаражи и башти - отворена.
Ћерка, Мирјана Белић, - уплакана.
Куварица, Снежана Ранковић, - потресена.
Шофер, Радивој Шошкић, - уплашен.
Обезбеђење, Војислав Симеуновић, - смирен.

Наставиће се...
Part 2: Wri…

Intermediate Serbian Lessons - 365 Days of Serbian

Although the intermediate lessons are dedicated to the grammatical category of aspect in Serbian, today we are revising the ordinal numbers with this video lesson.

After watching this video lesson try to do the following tasks:
Which ordinal numbers did you hear ?Why is this man behaving like this ?Do the additional exercise, where the gapped words are verbs which we will need for our next lesson

Serbian Lesson 4 for Pre-intermediate Level

I'm sure that now you are much more confident in using the Locative case to express where you are:
with citieswith countrieswith places Last time you practised the Locative with the verbs: govoriti = to speakživeti = to live  In this fourth lesson at pre-intermediate level of Serbian, you are going to discover that the Dative case  which combines with the verbs describing movement, like "going towards" = ići ka, has the same form as the Locative, which is awesome! Before we do this fun exercise (in my classes my students and I play this language game), let me remind you of the conjugations for the new verb, which we'll need in this lesson: ići = to go We'll need the imperative form "go", which can be used : formally: "idite ka" ("go towards" with Vi)informally: "idi ka" ("go towards" with ti)

Learn Serbian Phrases - dan dvadeseti

In the previous posts you could practise the phrases for giving directions. Today, I came across this great video which can help you learn the language of instructions, when talking about exercises. It's useful to revise the body parts first:

and then to enjoy watching and listening to the video below:

First, you can do these exercises with your eyes closed, only by listening to herThen, you can watch the video and do the exercise, checking if you understood her wellFinally, you can do this follow-up exercise I made for you

Learn Serbian 365 Days with Songs and Poems- Day 19

Although this poem is not written by a Serbian, but a Russian poet, I'm sure you'll enjoy listening to Rade Šerbedžija, our renowned actor, and his uniqe interpretation :)

This poem is perfect for getting to know the verb "to wait" and its

imperative form "čekaj"the pronouns following it "čekaj + me"the word order: Čekaj me vs. Samo me čekaj dugoparts of speech: čekati (infinitive) čekanje (noun)conjugations

Learn Serbian 365 Days - Detective Story, part 2

Убиство у радној соби
Part 1: Where are they ?

Now that you are aware of who the main characters of the first detective story are, let's move onto the second phase of solving this mysterious case!
Do exercise 1 in order to figure out if you solved the first task correctlyWatch the video below, before doing the exercise 2 in order to understand what had happened on the day Đorđe Belić was murdered and where the main characters were at that moment.If you have any questions regarding this case, feel free to ask them in the comments section.

Наставиће се...


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